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  • You Owe It To Your Patients To Teach Them How To Eat.

    You Owe It To Your Patients To Teach Them How To Eat.

    It’s wonderful to have a healthcare system and medications available to us in Canada like we do.  As pharmacists we are a key part of a chain that gets these medications to those that need it.  Depending on what list you look at, our life expectancy on this planet ranges from 4th to 10th.  Pretty…

  • What’s the real reason for not counselling and missing interactions?

    Lately we have heard stories of Pharmacists not doing their job correctly.  To be exact, in a survey of a sample of pharmacies, it was discovered that medications that are kept in the pharmacy but did not need a prescription, there was insufficient or completely absent counselling on behalf of the pharmacist.  These medications are…


    There are few non-traumatic causes of death that happen as suddenly and without prior knowledge of any ill health more than myocardial infarction or a heart attack.  Certainly there are disease states or signs ahead of time that put you at risk for such an event.  Smokers (including secondhand smoke), high stress lifestyle, heavy metal…

  • What Is Melatonin And What Can It Do For Me?

    So you have had trouble sleeping and you have gone to the pharmacist and they recommended something called melatonin.   You’ve heard of it before and are told it is relatively safe to use, but what exactly is this hormone used for in the body and how do you know if you are low in…

  • Press Release: Soft Drinks and Sugary Beverages

    Press Release: Soft Drinks and Sugary Beverages

    Nova Scotia pharmacy stops selling soft drinks and other sugary beverages Pharmacist Graham MacKenzie says this is part of an overall move to sell healthier foods.

  • Thyroid: The Cause of Our Most Common Problems?

    Certainly a commonly diagnosed medical problem, hypothyroidism has far reaching effects. The most commonly found effects are: fatigue constipation dry and thinning hair cold extremities intolerance to cold menstrual irregularities weight gain.

  • Nutraceuticals: What You Need To Know

    What is a nutraceutical? This term that sparks so much debate? A term that is used by some practitioners and scorned by others. Directly translated, it is a combination of nutrition and pharmaceutical. For some it means herbal products, supplements, minerals and nutrients. It’s a mish mash of something more than just vitamins. It is…