Maybe it’s not your testosterone or your adrenals or your thyroid, maybe it’s your growth hormone

So many complaints can overlap many different causes when it comes to hormones.  What about these symptoms?

thinning muscles, impaired social status, exhaustion and long recovery times, erectile dysfunction, low self esteem and self confidence…well that sounds like low testosterone.

chronic anxiety, depression, poor sleep, weight gain…wait, that could be adrenals.

light sleep…maybe melatonin?

intolerance to cold, more fatigue ?…thyroid

In fact, all of these issues may be a sign of low growth hormone (GH).  And GH can effect levels of other hormones and vice versa.  What can you do to increase this (remember as always testing of the deficiency is key)?  Initial treatments plan involves the most common recommendations for good health, adequate sleep, maintain ideal weight, eat organic, avoid alcohol and caffeine, avoid sugar, and all excess and refined carbs, avoid stress, get sufficient amino-acids (protein)and eat paleo.  Feeling better already?  Why not add  Niacin, argentine, glutamine.  As well, maintaining adequate levels of testosterone, estrogens, progesterone, thyroid hormone, melatonin and adequate insulin secretion all help with GH levels.  You’ll have to check back on previous blogs on how to do this, but it’s not all about actual hormone replacement therapy necessarily.

Just a glimpse into how intertwined your hormone levels are, and sometimes the levels of the hormones can be deceiving because you may actually be part of the population that gets more hormones into your cells where they actually work, or maybe your sex hormone binding globulin is off, the protein that binds with hormones and carries them around until they separate and then the hormone gets to work. This is why symptoms are so important to determine an action plan for dealing with hormones.






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