Prescription vs Natural

I am often asked by people how to use natural therapies over prescription drug choices.  As a pharmacist most would think I lean towards these prescription therapies over other types of therapy.  Not true.  Here is an example of one of our patients who graciously offered her story so others might realize a way that prescription sedatives are not a cure, but a mask for anxiety issues and how we got her away from this prescription after years of using it.

Her Story:

After three very difficult pregnancies, I was hit really bad with depression and anxiety. The doctor couldn’t find anything wrong so he referred me to a psychiatrist. It was this psychiatrist who put me on lorazepam and started me on a cycle I couldn’t seem to get out of. Sadly I had become addicted to this drug. I wanted off but was told I needed it for a better quality of life.

As my body reached tolerance, the amount had to be increased to avoid withdrawals. When tolerance hit yet again the doctor wanted to increase the amount once again. I refused. I didn’t sign up to be permanently addicted on an increasingly larger amount of this drug and besides, they were making me sleep way too much and my so called quality of life didn’t seem so great, so that’s when I decided I had to do something.

With your help I began a slow taper. The first medicine you suggested, I tried right away and got immediate results. Following all your prompts and going all natural for all my medical issues, I finally became free of the lorazepam after spending over 10 years of being a slave to it. I cannot thank you enough for my new found freedom. Thank you for all your great support and wonderful herbs and supplements. They have far outreached my expectations!


susanna after
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2 Responses to Prescription vs Natural

  1. Cecilia Close says:

    My, what a change! Congratulations on your new found freedom.

  2. lynn dyer says:

    Yes thank you Graham for giving us back our sister! I have seen what the medications had done to her and I have seen her grow and blossom as she found her way out of that darkness. forever grateful.

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