Genetic testing for your best drug



Would you like to know before you took a new sleeping pill if it would not work reliably or give you a hangover in the morning?  What about if your pain medication you were about to take would have very little effect or cause many of the listed side effects.  It would be great to have a list of medications to give your physician for various medical conditions.  Many patients on psychotropics have be blamed for non compliance when the actual reason for their medications failing is that they simply metabolize their drugs differently than someone else that has success on the same drug.  For example the drug clopidogrel may not have the desired effect in up to 30% of individuals to protect against stroke and heart attack.  If your medication is giving variable results or you are experiencing more side effects than you feel you should, we can determine the family of medications that you should steer clear of or move towards in your therapy.

With the proper test, we can now help you with this information.  It is possible to determine if you are a fast or slow metabolizer and if a given medication is the best fit for you or should never be taken by you.  With the help of Molecular Testing Labs, we can coordinate this type of test for you.  Ask us how.







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