Month: April 2015

  • 6 Medications you should revisit with your doctor

    Modern medicine is a field that involves following guidelines. As pharmacists, we see a lot of repetition. Eighty per cent of our day seems to involve the same classes of drugs as the previous day. With added pressures of extra duties over the last few years, it can become a busy environment where you struggle […]

  • To all Soap Box Pro and Anti GMO’ers/Organickers

    It’s entertaining to read the back and forth between those adamant about either side of the GMO/non-GMO argument.  Although some studies have lead me to think that tinkering with nature at the gene level may have some negative long lasting effects that cannot be undone (maybe) I am not one to plaster all over social […]

  • Why is Weight Loss/Weight Gain Such a Trigger for Putting People Down?

    There seems to be little tolerance among many otherwise good meaning people for those that have gained weight.  With social media I see multiple daily scathing rants on how anyone who tries to help someone lose weight is doing it wrong, raking in money, doing harm.  Just eat right and exercise and you’ll be fine […]

  • Agave Nectar Practice Safe Sweetening

    Agave Nectar – The Biggest Lie In “Health” Food Sugar is bad… yeah, yeah. High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS) is even worse… yeah, yeah, yeah. We’ve heard all that and most of us are well programmed by now to look for “healthier” options. One such sweetener that’s been heavily promoted in recent years as a […]

  • Looking for the rabbit in the field: my study disproves your study.

    When I am asked to “prove” something by showing a study, it reminds me of how backwards we can be when it comes to stacking studies against each other to make a point.  We come up with rebuttals like, “the patient size was too small”,  “the study is too old” and “the study wasn’t double […]