Month: January 2015

  • What’s the real reason for not counselling and missing interactions?

    Lately we have heard stories of Pharmacists not doing their job correctly.  To be exact, in a survey of a sample of pharmacies, it was discovered that medications that are kept in the pharmacy but did not need a prescription, there was insufficient or completely absent counselling on behalf of the pharmacist.  These medications are […]

  • The Epidemic of Gall Bladder Disease

    Lets just jump to the main recommendation: reduce your estrogen dominance and eat more fiber.  As a pharmacist I see the problem of gall bladder issues A LOT.  Every day it seems there is someone out there waiting for an appointment with the specialist to further evaluate the problem.  The symptoms include: Pain or tenderness […]

  • Long QT Syndrome

    Without a doubt one of the more prominent medical issues to watch for not only with individual drug administration, but with drug interactions as well is the problem with Long QT Syndrome.  It appears that over the last 20 years this crops up more and more.  The issue with this syndrome is that most people […]

  • Maybe it’s not your testosterone or your adrenals or your thyroid, maybe it’s your growth hormone

    So many complaints can overlap many different causes when it comes to hormones.  What about these symptoms? thinning muscles, impaired social status, exhaustion and long recovery times, erectile dysfunction, low self esteem and self confidence…well that sounds like low testosterone. chronic anxiety, depression, poor sleep, weight gain…wait, that could be adrenals. light sleep…maybe melatonin? intolerance […]

  • How Long Can a Human Live? Telomeres & The Effect of Money on Life Expectancy

    The World Health Organization has released statistics that relate the most common causes of death in relation to overall income for a country.  Believe it or not, HIV/AIDS is the second leading cause of death among low income countries.  Also in these countries, almost 1/2 of the deaths in children under the age of five […]


    There are few non-traumatic causes of death that happen as suddenly and without prior knowledge of any ill health more than myocardial infarction or a heart attack.  Certainly there are disease states or signs ahead of time that put you at risk for such an event.  Smokers (including secondhand smoke), high stress lifestyle, heavy metal […]