Month: August 2013

  • Deficient Thyroid and Adrenal Hormones

    No doubt you have wondered if your thyroid is working properly.  It’s more than just feeling sluggish and constipated.  Here are some other symptoms that indicate low thyroid. slow Achilles tendon reflexes, swollen eyelids, hands, lips, face and tongue, loss of the ourter third of the eyebrow, slow heart rate, dry scaly skin, cold hands, […]

  • Natural Arthritis Treatment

    Arthritis affects millions of us.  Most of the therapies I see in Pharmacy include direct pain relief with anti-inflammatories (NSAIDS) or narcotics for more severe cases.  A few other therapies exist like hydroxychloroquine or methotrexate or some new biologics.  Regardless of the type of arthritis, osteo, rheumatoid, juvenile, ankylosing spondylitis, or gout, there are therapies […]

  • Are you a casualty of World War 2? Most likely you are.

    A while back I posted a blog on why it is so easy to gain weight.  Several, several responses resulted.  Mostly split down the middle.  Unfortunately that meant that 1/2 of them felt that the only reason we were overweight in North America was because we ate too much and exercised to little.  Many simply […]

  • Control Pain with Nutrition

    Most of us automatically think of a medication when we need something for pain.  Certainly for a sudden onset acute type of pain that occurs infrequently, I recommend an NSAID or Acetaminophen to our patients who need some safe and quick relief for themselves to get on with their day or night.  Most of the […]

  • Breast Cancer Ammunition

    A patient comes into my pharmacy and asks what they can do to beat breast cancer.  They aren’t particularly interested in me quoting a list of studies proving what I am telling them, or getting a sworn statement that this is a guarantee that this will enable them to live to be 100.  There is […]