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  • Thank you Marijuana for taking the bad press off of bioidentical hormone therapy.

      June 17, 2017 : looking back hardly a day or two goes by since this year began when a question about medical marijuana or as we call it out here “marijuana” and what is going to happen next July when it becomes real is asked. Last month I was asked by a group of […]

  • How Open Minded Your Physician is May Determine Your Pain Relief

    How Open Minded Your Physician is May Determine Your Pain Relief

    When I graduated from Pharmacy school in 1993, topically applied preparations for pain relief were limited to lidocaine and capsaicin, or so I was told up to that point. I was also taught that narcotics were safe not only for short term pain relief but also for long term pain that was non palliative and […]

  • The Continuum of Evidence Based Medicine

    Should Pharmacists be blasted for selling what some call alternative therapies or products that are not “evidence based”? These criticisms can blindside unsuspecting Pharmacists trying to do what they can for their patients regardless of the fact that they are making a profit from it or not. What makes it more difficult is the way […]

  • Off label use of medications – cherry picking at its best

    I had a conversation with our local palliative care and pain clinic doctor the other day. As a disclaimer, this physician is open to treating patients with the safety of the patient first in mind and he also has what I refer to as an “open mind” when it comes to doing whatever we can […]

  • Treating Pain Without Oral Systemic Side Effects

    You may be the last person to side with even listen to something that isn’t taught in Med School or Pharmacy School or in Nursing School or perhaps you are one to be weary about snake oil or getting hoodwinked on some “holistic scam”.   As it turns out there is an established way of treating […]

  • Eczema and Psoriasis Help

          One of the body’s initial responses to stress is the release of hormones such cortisol that initially help a person to react or adapt to a stressful situation. High levels of cortisol can also lead to exacerbation of skin conditions such as psoriasis and eczema. We are here to help! Treatments for […]