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  • Finding a Niche in Healthcare and the Loss of a Mentor

    Finding a personal niche in pharmacy can be exciting. It can bring you out of the day-to-day rut you may or may not have realized you were in—to a career that provides a renewed purpose. Some are lucky enough to find it before they even graduate from pharmacy. Others take their time and experience all options until […]

  • Rethinking How You Think About Eating

    Image Source: How many times a day do you hear “I should…” statements run through your head? Everyone always wants to tell us what we “should” and “shouldn’t” be doing in literally every area of our life.  Our moms, our relatives, our friends, our co-workers, complete strangers, our health-care providers, the media…  What we should do with our life, what […]

  • Immigration and Pharmacy – Success Stories

    Pharmacy practice is filled with amazing individuals.  We all know Pharmacists that stand out for various reasons. Lately there has been a climate of intolerance towards those that come to Canada or the U.S. from another country. This confuses me given the history of successful immigration not only in Canada but other countries as well. Pharmacy practice is no […]

  • Travel Medicine Conference Notes

    This past Spring I had the privilege of attending the 16th conference of the International Society of Travel Medicine in Washington D.C. Among the interesting topics of the conference were talks about first aid kits (by Sheila Seed), natural medicines (Karl Hess and Derek Evans) and avoiding insect bites (Larry Goodyear). Canada’s own Sherilyn Houle […]

  • Look to Consistency for Understanding your Weight.

    We’re bombarded with weight loss and diet advice every dayand everyone says the same thing about theirs – “scientifically proven”, “best way to burn fat”, “easy to follow”, “secret fat burning system”, “lose stubborn fat and keep it off”… literally, they all claim the same things. Yet, most people who start a diet fall off it […]

  • The Value of Pharmacy Research

    Boost Your Professional Credibility & Contribute to your Profession with Research Practicing pharmacy has proven for me to be much more than I had planned when I was accepted to Dalhousie University’s College of Pharmacy 30 years ago.  Of course it created a career where I used the most available evidence based treatments for just about […]

  • Healthy Aging in a 103 Year Old Customer

    Most Pharmacies have a patient (or more) that is a centenarian.  Living to the age of 100 is quite an achievement, considering these patients grew up and lived the prime of their lives in an era that had a healthcare model quite different from today.  Knowledge of how diet, exercise, nutrition and medicine interplay to result in […]

  • Pain Relief With Omega-3

    Omega 3 supplements have been taking a beating lately with regard to cardiovascular outcomes. One thing that we have seen is the questionable cause and effect of the wide variety of commercially available Omega 3 supplements available on the market and the dose required for any effect at all. Clinically, one indication I see Omega […]

  • Stone’s Drug Store Discontinues Homeopathic Products

    Stone’s Drug Store in Baddeck, Nova Scotia will no longer carry homeopathic products, citing a lack of clinical evidence about their effectiveness. “Concerns have been raised about the effectiveness of homeopathic products,” said Graham MacKenzie, pharmacist and owner of Stone’s Drug Store. “This led me to review the clinical evidence and I came to the […]

  • Thank you Marijuana for taking the bad press off of bioidentical hormone therapy.

      June 17, 2017 : looking back hardly a day or two goes by since this year began when a question about medical marijuana or as we call it out here “marijuana” and what is going to happen next July when it becomes real is asked. Last month I was asked by a group of […]